6  Months
1  Dose Toolbox

Getting the word out about convenient heartworm disease prevention

You already talk with your clients about the importance of preventing heartworm disease. We’ve developed the 6 Months 1 Dose Toolbox to help you drive that message home. All items in the Toolbox emphasize the importance of prevention and encourage your clients to ask you about the only heartworm disease preventative that provides protection for 6 months in 1 dose.

Prepackaged Website and Social Content

We’ve organized these tools as four quarterly sets: Heartworm Season, Heartworm Awareness, Adoption and Travel. Use them as is, or mix and match in the way that best suits your practice. Content includes:

Facebook posts and tweets

1 Word document

Each quarterly set includes 4 posts and 4 tweets.

Facebook and Twitter images

1 folder of images to accompany the posts and tweets

All images are presized for Facebook and Twitter.

Posts and tweets images guide

1 PDF showing posts and tweets with images

These are suggested combinations. Pair the text and images however they work best for you!

Quarterly articles

1 Word document

4 short articles for your website, e-newsletter or social media sites. Each of these quick reads is packed with easy-to-digest facts.

Print and Web Materials

This section of the Toolbox features eye-catching web banners, print ads, mailers and displays. Each file name includes the piece’s dimensions. Tools include:

1 web banner

3 sizes:
160x600 skyscraper
300x250 medium rectangle
728x90 leaderboard

Encourages dog owners to ask about 6 months of protection in 1 dose.

1 customizable print ad

4 sizes:
Full page (8.5x11 in)
Half page vertical (4.25x11 in)
Half page horizontal (8.5x5.5 in)
Quarter Page (4.25x5.5 in)

Focuses on the convenience of twice-yearly dosing.

Includes a “How to Customize your Print Ad” Instructional PDF.

2 customizable postcards

1 size (4x6 in)

Makes the case for continuous heartworm disease protection.

1 version has a blank back for your own message; 1 has a brief message and fields for your practice’s contact information.

1 poster, 1 outdoor banner and 1 yard sign

1 poster (16x20 in)
1 outdoor banner (3x5 ft)
1 yard sign (18x24 in)

Video Loops

How can you use these 2 short, engaging animated videos? Put them on USB drives to loop in your waiting room or exam rooms. Post them on your social media pages and add them to your website.

They remind clients that it only takes one mosquito bite to cause heartworm disease, emphasizing the convenience of twice-yearly dosing.

1 product-branded video

mp4 (71.6 MB)

1 unbranded video

mp4 (46.5 MB)