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We wanted to tell you about a new resource hub for creating a calm, comfortable environment in your practice with DEXDOMITOR® (dexmedetomidine), sedative and analgesic for dogs and cats. Visit the website to:

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Mode of action, cases of sedation in dogs and cats, reversal in dogs—our videos cover just about everything you need to know about using DEXDOMITOR.

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In our resource library, you’ll find posters on sedation to display in the exam room, dosing charts and other product information—all freely available to download and use in your practice.

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Important Safety Information: Do not use DEXDOMITOR in dogs or cats and ANTISEDAN in dogs with cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorders, liver or kidney diseases, or in conditions of shock, severe debilitation, or stress due to extreme heat, cold, or fatigue. DEXDOMITOR should not be administered in the presence of preexisting hypotension, hypoxia, or bradycardia. As with all α2-adrenoceptor agonists, the potential for isolated cases of hypersensitivity, including paradoxical response (excitation), exists with DEXDOMITOR. The use of DEXDOMITOR as a preanesthetic in dogs and cats significantly reduces the amount of induction and maintenance anesthetic requirements. Potential side effects of α2-antagonists, such as ANTISEDAN, include hypersalivation, diarrhea, tremors, occasional vomiting, and a rare but brief state of excitement or apprehensiveness. For more safety information, see full Prescribing Information.

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